You can log in from 2 hours before the auction start time.


Goofee Special Terms and Conditions

【Goofee Special Terms and Conditions】

These Special Terms and Conditions below are applicable to THI Premier / Special Auction and are supplemental to the Terms and Conditions for the T.H.I. Premier / Special Auction.The terms & conditions of T.H.I. Premier / Special Auction will be applied in principal for the events which are not specified in the Special Terms & Conditions.The Special Terms & Conditions shall be superior to the THI Premier / Special Auction Terms and Conditions if there is any discrepancy.Goofee Bid is a tool provided for those unable to participate in the Special Auction in person.It serves only to minimize but not to completely offset the disadvantage caused by not being able to attend in person.The stability of this service is highly dependent on the internet, communication environment of THI and the user.THI reserves the right to confirm the purchase on behalf of the highest bidder if the bidder does not confirm the final bid using CONFIRM button after some time.THI cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered due to internet communication environment problems on either the bidder's or THI's part resulting in delayed reception or non acceptance of bids.
The Premier Parade Auction Buyer Terms & Conditions


Goofee-bid does not allowed to log in with more than 2 devices due to security reason. An error message will be shown on screen if you log in with more than 2 devices.


We strongly recommend watch live movie from only one PC from one place because internet connection rely to user's interenet condition.If there are multiple connections from same place, live movie might get unstable or freezed.


When viewing live streaming using mobile, it will use a lot of data.And this may cause your data communication restricted.


In case of machine movie does not play automatically
Some of latest browsers are restrict to play a movie automatically so you may not to see the machine movies we provide. If the machine movie does not start please press "Play" button by yourself to start movie.



Can not use  Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge(Legacy) to watch live movie.